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Our flagship program will identify 100 children from standard 6th, 7th and 8th and provide financial support and counseling till they graduate (for at least next 6-8 years)


  • Sponsor a deserving student’s education till he/she graduates (Rs.100,000)

  • Sponsor a deserving student’s education for a year (Rs.10,000)

  • Contribute Rs.100 to provide books and  stationary to a less privileged student OR multiples of Rs 100 - Rs.1000, 

  • 10,000 OR 100,000 can provide good drinking water and sanitation to an entire school


There is more to charity than financial help, to make a difference or bring a smile to an innocent face sign up today, the possibilities are endless......

  • Volunteer 100 minutes a month OR

  • Volunteer 100 hours a year

Some interesting facts...


  • In 2009 the government passed the Right to Education act (RTE) under which receiving basic primary education is a Fundamental Right of every Indian citizen

  • Cumulatively the Central and State Government spends about Rs 100,000 crores directly on education and possibly double that indirectly on education

  • Even then the average school dropout rate in government to stay above 50%

  • One out of every 4 children in government schools can still neither read or write….


On the Brighter side…

  • Children in urban areas want to study

  • They see and understand the difference between education and the lack of it

  • They do not want to live the same life as their parents and be daily wage laborers or vegetable vendors

  • But without personal support, supervision or aid they are fighting a huge battle at a very young age (A battle they cannot win without your help……)

Education and Vocational training empowers children from lesser privileged backgrounds to acquire skills that make them more employable. One educated person pulls at least four people around him/her out of poverty and deprivation. It is important to identify deserving children at a young age(13-14 years of age) when they are more impressionable,positive and self-driven. Providing financial support & counseling throughout their education (till they graduate) gives them a sense of belonging and keeps them focused.

Ways to Support

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