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A corporate supporting socially responsible initiative would not only strike the right chord with consumers and employees but would also make a difference in the real environment. If you wish to keep your CSR initiatives thriving, you would definitely require drive and passion at the leadership level. For that, you would have to partner with the right NGO to effectively reach out to the maximum number of underprivileged and ensure your donations positively transform their lives...


For everyone who wishes to volunteer. It's for you to join us and make a difference in any way you can. Whatever step you take, you will change lives. And it's not hard to do.

There is more to charity than donating money! Young children need support, time and attention. Volunteering your time could be more precious to the children than your money...


We welcome institutions looking to collaborate for a common cause. Book vendors, stationary suppliers, technology providers, support groups, etc., can make a difference to lives by sharing their time and material.

Apprenticeship opportunities, jobs and part time tasks will also go a long way in the lives of the needy. 

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